Our principles

At the Basler Kindernäscht, we give kids ages 18 months to 12 years a chance to enjoy themselves in a dynamic and reflective way. It is important to us that we provide the children with a variety of games and entertainment. We don’t support the use of computer games, videos, TV, etc., and these have no place at the Basler Kindernäscht.


Your child can come to us when you are in need of last-minute care, or for a regular daily care.


Once you are sure that you want to make a reservation, please call us as soon as possible. If we have a full house of 20 children, we will be unable to take care of your child.

Tel. 061 261 49 39 / E-mail: info@kindernaescht.chwww.kindernaescht.ch


If you’re planning to bring your child over lunch hour, please prepare a lunch for him or her. Your child will receive a healthy snack in the morning and in the afternoon.


For the small ones: non-slip socks or slippers, pacifier (dummy), diapers and a change of clothing

For the tall ones: just non-slip socks or slippers (optional).

Our staff

All of our workers have the necessary experience and qualifications in the care of children, education, and/or bodywork. There is always one worker for 10 children who takes care of the children. We utilize a call service in case of emergency.

Safety and responsibility

Our workers are carefully instructed in how to respond to an accident, fire alarm, etc. A doctor’s office in the building is available for first aid. The Basler Kindernäscht is in possession of a document from the Department of Education Basel, which confirms the necessary qualifications for the services that we provide. Health insurance and liability insurance for the children is the parents‘ responsibility. We do not take responsibility for damage to the clothing or toys that the children bring along.

Information about your child

Parents are responsible to provide accurate information on the forms provided, especially regarding the health of the child. If your child is in need of medications, please bring them along in the original packaging, with the child’s first name, surname, the daily dose and the date on it.

Drop-off and pick-up

If someone else is going to pick up your child, please let us know. Make sure you let us know when you are planning to pick up your child, so that we can let other parents know when places are available. We require that you provide us with a phone number in case of emergency.

Please note that our office hours are Monday-Friday 08:00 to 18:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00. 

In the event that we have no more children in care after 4 p.m., we take the liberty of closing the Basler Kindernäscht earlier. On Saturdays from 2 pm.

You have a qualifying period of 5 min. After those 5 min. we will charge half an hour. 

If you bring your child before 08:00 or pick up after 18:00, we impose a surcharge of 25.00 CHF per hour.


The rate is 12.00 CHF per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. You are charged for the first hour and in half-hour increments thereafter.

If you bring a sibling, the rate is 10.00 CHF per hour. 

We offer a discount for 10 hours: 1 child 108.00 CHF / 2 children 198.00 CHF. That means, you receive one “free” hour with this offer.

The subscription is valid for 2 years

If you pick up your child after our opening hours we will charge you CHF 25.- extra.

Illness and other issues

We are unable to care for children who are ill. We are also unable to accept children who behave in a disruptive manner in the group. If this occurs, we will discuss the situation with you. In case of questions, difficulties, or concerns please contact Mrs. Letizia Marioni or Mrs. Gigi Vaneck- Zjören (leadership, personal issues)

In case of any legal disputes, these will be resolved under the laws of Basel-Stadt.

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